CMC Division

Creating the quality of pharmaceuticals with both tangibles and intangibles

Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control (CMC) is engaged in the research, development and quality assurance needed to produce drug substances and products, as well as overall operations related to quality assurance. The three essentials of pharmaceuticals are efficacy, safety, and quality. The CMC Division is responsible for the quality of Taiho’s pharmaceutical products. There are two aspects of quality; the tangible, such as drug substances and drug products; and the intangible, such as quality information and compliance with various regulations.

Thus, the CMC Division has a responsibility to provide both pharmaceuticals and quality information in a timely manner while complying with global standards. It does this by working closely with numerous relevant external partners and internal departments at stages ranging from drug discovery to preclinical and clinical development, in-licensing and out-licensing, application for approval, and post-launch activities.

The CMC Division is also involved in new formulation development to provide patients and medical staff with added value and improve the usability and therapeutic usefulness of drugs in terms of efficacy and safety.

CMC Strategy

The CMC Strategy Team is responsible for planning and strategy formulation on CMC operation and organization, and CMC research promotion overall, and it works in cooperation with relevant departments in the company.

Formulation Research Laboratory

The Formulation Research Laboratory develops drug product formulations, packaging configurations suited to various profiles of new chemical entities and clinical administration methods. It also works to develop different dosage forms for current products, novel dosage forms and DDS.* The production of investigational new drugs is another of its important tasks.

Analytical Science Laboratory

The Analytical Science Laboratory develops test methods and specifications for drug products. It also establishes the transportation and storage conditions and expiry periods for drug products based on various stability studies. Further, it conducts quality control and quality assurance for investigational drugs.

Chemical Technology Laboratory

The Chemical Technology Laboratory develops the synthesis process and the scaling up for new chemical entities, manufactures drug substances for investigational drugs, establishes specifications and testing methods, transportation and storage conditions and expiry periods for drug substances based on various stability studies. It also works on quality control and quality assurance for drug substances.

  1. DDS: Drug delivery systems
    Technology to deliver the needed amount of drug to the site of action at the needed time.