Medical Affairs Division

Contributing to better healthcare by maximizing the value of pharmaceutical products through information and data analysis from the medical and scientific perspectives

The Medical Affairs (MA) Division is organized into four departments: Medical Affairs, Clinical Research & Pharmacoepidemiology, MA Project Management Office (PMO), and Translational Research Laboratory. The Division has MSL,* call center, research center and other functions. Based on this structure, the Division provides the necessary information to people in and outside of Taiho by dynamically gathering, analyzing, and interpreting all kinds of data from various sources.

In order to contribute to global healthcare, the Division ascertains medical needs in Japan, the rest of Asia, the U.S. and Europe. Another role is to use advanced academic knowledge to provide evaluation and support ranging from product development planning and introduction of new drugs into clinical practice to post-marketing life cycle management from the medical and scientific perspectives.

*Medical Science Liaison (MSL) is a role that has been attracting attention in the pharmaceutical industry in recent years. Based on highly advanced medical and scientific expertise, MSLs accumulate product evidence and provide information from a fair and scientific standpoint, thereby earning a high level of trust from healthcare professionals.

Medical Affairs Department

The MA Department gathers the latest medical and pharmaceutical information on a global scale with the help of MA offices in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. The Department also analyzes this information from advanced scientific and healthcare-economics perspectives. The results are then shared with healthcare professionals and relevant internal departments. With the aim of responding to various healthcare questions and needs, the Department provides support to healthcare professionals planning and conducting their own clinical research. It is made up of professional leaders who perform total coordination, from product development planning and introduction of new drugs into clinical practice to post-marketing life cycle management. Also, in accordance with ethics and various guidelines for publication of mainly company-initiated trial results, the Department performs publication management to ensure appropriate and prompt announcements, thereby contributing to the timely disclosure of evidence for public benefit.

MA Project Management Office

The MA PMO works with MA offices in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Its call center takes inquiries and provides information concerning ethical drugs. Along with providing information accurately to healthcare professionals and patients, it also helps with post-marketing life cycle management as well as improvement of the reliability of product quality and safety by providing timely feedback to relevant internal departments concerning ascertained healthcare needs.

Clinical Research & Pharmacoepidemiology Department

In addition to planning, designing and conducting company-initiated trials to obtain evidence, the Clinical Research and Pharmacoepidemiology Department is responsible for evaluating and supporting investigator-initiated trials. The Department also plans, designs, and implements post-marketing studies concerning applications for re-examination, and contributes to life-cycle management for pharmaceutical products. It is a group of specialists who plan, draft and implement clinical research, epidemiologic surveys, and health technology assessment research, utilizing medical databases that have attracted attention in recent years.

Translational Research Laboratory

The Translational Research Laboratory creates product concepts based on theoretical rationale. Independently and via research collaboration, the laboratory utilizes the latest technology to produce basic data that will serve as bases for clinical research. Also by publishing papers in academic journals and presenting findings at academic conferences worldwide in a timely manner, the laboratory is contributing to the development of new products and the extension of post-marketing life cycles.