300 mL

Isolate germ from your daily life
Create a 24-hour germ-isolating barrier with the power of ethanol combined with silver and zinc ions.
Aqua fragrance with no unpleasant odor, and safe to use on cloth and metal.

Sundry goods: Virus removal/antibacterial spray

Packaging Retail price (not including tax) desired by the manufacturer
300 mL 1,500 yen
50 mL 800 yen


  • Original technology combines ethanol with silver and zinc ions, giving it excellent fast-acting and long-lasting effects against bacteria and viruses, as well as a deodorant effect.
  • The antibacterial/antiviral effect keeps bacteria and viruses at bay for 24 hours (This creates a germ-isolating condition).
  • Does not contain chloride components.
  • Product efficacy and safety have been demonstrated by various tests. Visit our website for more details. (Available only in Japanese: https://www.taiho.co.jp/chc/brand/efil)
  • The product is not effective against all bacteria or viruses. Also, the sustained effect may differ depending on usage and storage environments. The effect is limited to the applied area.


  1. Do not use this product on humans and pets.
  2. Use only for intended purposes.
  3. Certain materials, such as some metals, may change or discolor after use.
  4. Heavily soiled material may continue to generate odors even after using this product.
  5. For those with known sensitivities or reactions (e.g.; history of rash), allergic or otherwise, to alcohol or alcohol-based products, take care to avoid mist inhalation or contact with the spray when applying to intended objects.
  6. Use in a well ventilated area.
  7. Do not to mix with chlorine-based products as this can generate toxic gas.
  8. Do not use this product near electrical appliances since it may cause damage. Do not use the product close to fire due to danger of combustion.
  9. Store in a cool, dry place, and keep away from direct sunlight, high temperatures, and fire. Keep out of reach of children.


  • Do not use on leather or kimono/kimono accessories. Test on an inconspicuous spot before applying on the following: weak fabrics such as wool, silk, rayon, acetate, and cupra, those sensitive to water or with instructions not to wash with water, and those with a waterproofing or water repellent effect. Otherwise, it could stain or damage the texture.
  • Do not use on the following fabrics since it could cause staining or discoloration: white or light-colored textile products, leather, plain wood or paulownia wood, areas coated with water repellent wax, paint, or varnish, or plastics such as acrylic or styrene.


  • IF SWALLOWED: Do not induce vomiting. Drink milk or water, and then consult doctor.
  • IF IN EYES: Immediately flush eyes with plenty of water and consult a medical professional.


【Bacteria removal, antibacterial, virus removal, antiviral, and antifungal effects】
After removing the contamination, hold the bottle about 20 cm away and spray the surface until it is sufficiently wet. After spraying, wait a while before using. For fabric products, wait until they are adequately dry before using.
Directly spray several times on object to deodorize.


Virus removal, bacteria removal, antiviral, antifungal, and deodorization effects for cloth products (clothes, carpet, futons and other bedding, towels, strollers, etc.), face masks*1, indoors (floors and walls, switches, doorknobs, toilets, bed railings, etc.), PCs*2, smartphones*2, vomit, excrement, etc.

  1. In case of applying to face masks, spray on the outer side and dry thoroughly before wearing.
  2. In case of applying to smart phones and other electronic devices, use soft cloth, etc. Do not spray directly on the devices. Check the manuals of devices before applying.


Ethanol, purified water, isopropanol, glycerin, silver compound, sterilization component (organic), zinc compound, fragrance


FORM Liquid spray aerosol type
VOLUME 300 mL 50 mL