Remove bacteria and viruses and keep them away with…An anti-bacterial/viral barrier that's effective for 24 hours!

Effective protection with a simple daily habit!
Enjoy a life free from
bacteria and viruses!

Protecting you and your loved ones
from bacteria and viruses…
This wish was the starting point of our research.
It led us to the solution of keeping bacteria and viruses away instead of fighting them.
Efil contains ethanol, silver ions and zinc ions,
and effectively removes and keeps away bacteria and viruses while deodorizing.
Efil is Taiho Pharmaceutical's answer to your concerns about bacteria and viruses. We help you feel peace of mind and enjoy each day of your life.

By removing and keeping away bacteria and viruses,
Efil will make your life more secure and comfortable.
A lively and healthy life for all,
free from bacteria and viruses,
begins with Efil!

A barrier of ethanol, silver ions and zinc ions that keeps bacteria and viruses awaythat keeps bacteria and viruses away
for 24 hours at home and away from home.

Note: This product is not effective against all bacteria and viruses. Its efficacy may vary, depending on its usage and storage conditions.

Efil is a new type of anti-bacterial/viral and deodorant spray that draws on the properties of metal ions.
With our original technology, Taiho Pharmaceutical has succeeded
in combining ethanol with silver and zinc ions, achieving excellent, fast-acting,
and long-lasting anti-bacterial/viral and deodorant effects.
The product's anti-bacterial/viral effects last for 24 hours, providing a powerful barrier.

Note: Efil is based on the new concept of not only removing bacteria and viruses but also forming a barrier that keeps them away.

Ethanol REMOVES bacteria and viruses + Silver ions KEEP AWAY bacteria and viruses for 24 hours = At home and away from home BARRIER keeps bacteria and viruses away

New daily habit!
New daily habit! In the morning,
before going out,
apply for a sense of
security and safety all day.

In trains and other crowded places, bacteria and viruses can get attached
to your clothes, bag, or other objects and brought into your home.
Today, it is essential to not only handle bacteria and viruses at home,
but also to take measures that stop them from coming into your home.
Efil can be simply applied in the morning before going out to keep away
bacteria and viruses while you are away from home.

  1. 1
    Spray on your clothes and bag in the morning before going out.
    Note: Not applicable to leather bags
  2. 2
    Enjoy 24-hour protection!
Keep away bacteria and viruses while you are away from home.

Containing no chlorine,
Efil does not have a pungent smell,
does not rust metals,
and does not bleach.

Little or no
pungent smell
Refreshing Aqua fragrance

Can be used
on metals
Including doorknobs,
handrails, and the like*1

Can be used
on clothes
As well as other cloth products*2

Removes bacteria and viruses inside your home too.
  1. *1:Do not apply to surfaces coated with water-soluble wax, paint, or varnish; do not apply to acrylic or styrene plastics.
  2. *2:Do not apply to white or light-colored textiles, leather goods, plain wood, or paulownia wood, and delicate silk products; the product may cause spots or discoloration. The product may cause spots or damage to the texture of wool, silk, rayon, acetate, cupro, and other fabrics that are weak in water, not washable, or treated for waterproof or water-repellent effects; test on an inconspicuous spot beforehand.


Removal of bacteria and viruses from material objects;
protection of material surfaces from bacteria, viruses, and mold; deodorization.
Can be used on cloth (clothing, carpets, beddings, towels, baby strollers, etc.), face masks,
Indoor furnishings (floors and walls, switches, doorknobs, toilets, bed rails, etc.),
computers, smartphones, vomit and solid waste, etc.

At home
  • Clothes
  • Bags
  • Doorknobs
  • Switches
  • Electronic devices
  • Tables
  • Cloth furnishings
  • Beddings and pillows
  • Bathtubs
  • Toys
  • Baby strollers
  • Toilets
  • Kitchen garbage odor
  • Floors and walls
  • Car seats, etc.
While looking after sick/elderly persons
  • Nursing care equipment
  • Wheelchairs
  • Hand rails
  • Portable toilets
At hospitals
  • Face masks
  • Vomit
  • Automatic vending machines
  • Waiting rooms
  1. *3:Excluding leather goods
  2. *4:To apply to smartphones and other electronic devices, apply with a soft cloth, and do not spray directly on the device.
    Read the product manual carefully before application.
  3. *5:To apply to face masks, spray on the outer side, and dry well before wearing.