What are adherent bacteria?

Adherent bacteria stick to your clothes, daily items such as your bag and smartphone, and objects in your immediate environment. They are transmitted via droplets flying in a crowd; during the use of public toilets and other facilities; through contact with other persons in trains, buses and other mass transit systems;
and at work and in other inevitable daily situations.

Are your infection control measures really effective?

Are your infection control
measures really effective?

There are various diseases, such as the common cold, influenza, and norovirus,
for which pathogens are caught from nearby persons.
You can prevent infection through simple daily habits such as gargling and washing your hands.
There are three keys to effective infection prevention.

  1. 1

    Removing pathogens from bacterial/viral carriers

  2. 2

    Building resistance

  3. 3

    Blocking infection routes

Efil is effective in blocking infection routes.

Uncommon infection routes

Survey results show that families that attach great importance to infection control are more worried
about risks of infection while away from home than at home.

Places, factors, and situations causing concern and anxiety relating to bacteria and viruses

Note: Taiho Pharmaceutical online survey; N=41 (family members of cancer patients), conducted in April 2016

However carefully you take infection control measures at home, if someone in your household brings home bacteria or viruses attached to them or their belongings, the pathogen will eventually spread within the household. Up until now, the only way to deal with such a situation was symptomatic, combating it each time. Efil can keep bacteria and viruses away, meaning that you can effectively reduce the anxiety of bacteria and viruses entering your home.

Your home will be protected, with all members of your household
building an anti-bacterial/viral barrier.

Efil: for a 24-hour anti-bacterial/viral barrier!

Efil: for a 24-hour
anti-bacterial/viral barrier!

In addition to removing bacteria and viruses that are already present,
Efil can keep bacteria and viruses away for 24 hours, thanks to its silver ions.
One application in the morning provides protection all day.

  1. Point 1
    Spray Efil before going out to form an anti-bacterial/viral barrier that is effective for 24 hours. You will be safe from bacteria and viruses while away from home, and will not bring them back to your home.
  2. Point 2
    You can catch a common cold, influenza, or norovirus infection via droplets and airborne transmission, as well as from contact with material objects. Efil reduces the risks and eases your concerns regarding bacterial/viral infection while at home as well.

Note: This product is not effective against all bacteria and viruses. Its efficacy may vary, depending on its usage and storage conditions.