What is the product like?

When applied to material surfaces, this product removes viruses and bacteria; protects against viruses, bacteria and mold; and deodorizes.

  • Contains ethanol, silver ions, and zinc ions, a combination made possible by original technology. It allows for excellent fast-acting and long-lasting effects against bacteria, viruses, and odor.
  • Provides protection (barrier) against bacteria and viruses for 24 hours.
  • Does not contain chloride compounds.
  • Efficacy and safety have been confirmed in a battery of tests.
  • Notes:This product is not effective against all bacteria or viruses. Its efficacy may vary, depending on its usage and storage conditions.
    It only provides protection to the surface on which it is applied.
    This is not a drug or quasi-drug.
What objects can the product clean?

Can be used on cloth (clothing, carpets, beddings, towels, baby strollers, etc.), face masks, indoor furnishings (floors and walls, switches, doorknobs, toilets, bed rails, etc.), computers, smartphones, vomit and solid waste, etc.

  • Notes:Face masks: Apply to the outer surface; dry well before wearing.
    Smartphones and other electronic devices: Apply with a soft cloth; do not spray directly on the device. Read the product manual carefully before application.
What is the general procedure for use?

To remove viruses and bacteria; protect against viruses, bacteria, and mold; and deodorize: Spray the product on the object.

  • Bacterial/viral removal, anti-bacterial/viral/mold protection:
    Remove any contaminating objects from the surface, and spray about 20 cm away from the surface until it is evenly and sufficiently moist. Leave it for a while before use. With fabrics, use only when they are fully dry.
  • Deodorization:
    Directly spray several times.
  • Notes:To start use, press the nozzle several times until the product is emitted.
    Face masks: After spraying, shake the mask gently to dry it well before use.
    With delicate objects, test by applying to an inconspicuous spot beforehand to check for discoloration or staining.
    Do not hold the bottle upside down while spraying.
    Face masks: Spray on the outer side which does not come into contact with the face; never spray on a mask being worn by a person.
What are the precautions for use?
  1. Do not apply to hands or any other part of the human body, or pets.
  2. Use only as directed.
  3. The product may modify (discolor) certain metals and other materials.
  4. Odors caused by soil may persist even after application.
  5. Persons sensitive or allergic to alcohol or prone to skin rashes are advised to take care not to touch or inhale the mist during application.
  6. When using in a small space, ventilate well.
  7. Do not mix with chlorine-based products (danger of toxic gas).
  8. Do not use near electrical appliances since this may cause a breakdown; do not use near fire or flammables (danger of ignition).
  9. Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight or fire; avoid storing in places that can get very hot (such as inside an automobile); keep out of children's reach.
  • If swallowed: Do not force vomiting. Give/drink milk or water, and seek medical attention.
  • Contact with eyes: Immediately rinse with a great deal of water, and seek medical attention.
May I apply the product to my hands?

NO. DO NOT apply to hands or any other part of the human body. This product is applicable strictly for material objects.
If the product is spilled on your skin, wash away with water.

What objects should this product not be applied to?
  • Do not apply to leather or delicate silk products.
    The product may cause spots or damage to wool, silk, rayon, acetate, cupro, and other fabrics that are weak in water, not washable, or treated for waterproof or water-repellent effects; test on an inconspicuous spot beforehand.
  • Do not apply to white or light-colored textiles, leather, plain wood, paulownia wood, surfaces coated with water-soluble wax, paint, or varnish, or acrylic or styrene plastics; the product may cause spots or discoloration.
Where should I store the product?
Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight or fire; avoid storing in places that can get very hot (such as inside an automobile); keep out of children's reach.
What is its alcohol content?
Is it possible to ship it overseas?
Can I put in my carry-on luggage for air travel?
  • The alcohol content is about 54%.
  • Shipping overseas
    Different shipping companies have different rules for handling alcohol-containing goods.
    Seek advice from the company you use, informing them of the alcohol content.
  • Carry-on luggage
    • Domestic flights (Japan)
      Up to 2 L is allowed per person, either in 300 mL or 50 mL bottles, if kept in the original bottles.
    • International flights
      300 mL bottles are not allowed. They must be put in checked luggage.
      50 mL bottles are allowed in a plastic bag not exceeding 1 L in volume.
      The content may not be removed and placed in any container other than
      the original bottle.
      For more detailed information, please contact your airline.

      To obtain an SDS (safety data sheet), contact us by e-mail from Taiho Pharmaceutical's official website.
      * To contact us for information on healthcare products:
How long is the product good for?

There is no fixed expiration date for this product, as it is a general healthcare product (category of "sundries"). Product quality is guaranteed for a period of three years from the time of manufacturing.
Once the bottle is opened, you are advised to use it within a reasonable period of time.

How long does one bottle last?

One 300 mL bottle allows about 460 pumps (about 0.65 mL per pump)
One 50 mL bottle allows about 400 pumps (about 0.1 mL per pump)

Is it effective against COVID 19?

Efil is a sundry item that exerts anti-bactierial, antiviral, deodorizing, and antifungal effects on household items and surfaces.
The efficacy on both typical enveloped and non-enveloped viruses has been confirmed, but their use does not prevent specific diseases.
(Legally, under "Japan Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act,"only pharmaceutical products can be claimed to be effective against certain diseases or viruses. Since Efil is a sundry item, claims of effectiveness against specific diseases and viruses cannot be made.)