Research & Development

Delivering innovative, reliable drugs to patients as quickly as possible, to help people awaiting new medicines

Taiho Pharmaceutical leverages its wealth of experience and technology and the trust it has built with key opinion leaders around the world to improve the quality and speed of its drug R&D. In its ongoing pursuit of research and development of innovative new drugs that can be trusted by all, the company makes the most of its R&D network in Japan and also collaborates with academia, start-up companies and Otsuka Group companies in the U.S., Europe and Asia. In the consumer healthcare field, the company is committed to researching and developing unique products that leverage insights into people.

Leveraging drug discovery in Japan and global open innovation to deliver new drugs as quickly as possible

At Taiho Pharmaceutical, researchers and departments with knowledge and experience in many specialized fields integrate their diverse abilities to drive in-house drug discovery forward. In addition, the company is expanding its drug-enabling platform technologies and is pursuing external research collaboration in and outside Japan to supplement its own technology and accelerate research and development. By collaborating and partnering with the Otsuka group and other companies, Taiho Pharmaceutical is also strengthening its drug discovery capabilities through the sharing of expertise and cuttingedge technologies, enhancing its development capabilities, and accelerating its global expansion. Furthermore, by investing in the corporate venture capital companies, Taiho Ventures, LLC, and Taiho Innovations, LLC (see pp.11 and 12), and in Remiges BioPharma Fund, LP, an open innovation fund, the company has built a network with promising biotechnology ventures and academia around the world, giving it access to creative, innovative third-party technologies and drug-discovery seeds. The goal of all these efforts is to improve the health of patients worldwide and contribute to a society enriched by smiles. Taiho Pharmaceutical will continue taking on the challenge of researching and developing innovative new drugs by driving innovation with in-house drug discovery and various collaborations.