Research & Development

Exploring hidden possibilities for people awaiting new medicines

Drug discovery starts with exploration of the biology of the disease, followed by design and synthesis of candidate compounds that can address the specific cause. Selected compounds need to go through extensive clinical trials to prove efficacy and safety, before finally reaching patients. It takes many years, and the collaborative efforts of many people are crucial. Taiho Pharmaceutical leverages the trust it has built with key opinion leaders to continually improve the quality and speed of its drug R&D. The Discovery and Preclinical Research Division, Clinical Development Division, and CMC Division not only work together as an integrated R&D network, but also collaborate with affiliated companies in Europe, the US and Asia, and have established a structure that makes it possible to address the challenges presented by today’s continually advancing treatment modalities. Motivated by a vision of the smiling faces of people who have overcome disease, Taiho Pharmaceutical’s R&D team is committed to pursuing the research and development of innovative new drugs.