Becoming a Truly Global Specialty Pharma
That Meets the Expectations of Patients Worldwide

Having amassed a significant body of clinical evidence in the field of oncology, Taiho Pharmaceutical has contributed to the establishment of better treatment methods for years now as Japan's pioneer in developing oral anticancer agents. Since the start of the new millennium, Taiho Pharmaceutical has made every effort to increase its global reach, seeking to bring smiles to the faces of more patients around the world. The company is pursuing global R&D while building its own sales structure in the U.S. and expanding its sales network in other countries.

  • Global Specialty Pharma
  • Research & Development
    Taiho is expanding its pipeline and strengthening its ties with medical and research institutions worldwide in an effort to accelerate drug discovery and development and increase its global presence.
  • Marketing
    Taiho aims to contribute to medical care worldwide by providing innovative new drugs and high-quality information via its global network in the U.S.,Europe,and Asia.
  • Production
    Taiho's production system supplies the world market with safe,high-quality pharmaceuticals that are manufactured to stringent international standards, including those of the U.S. and Europe.


Two Global Cores to Lead Taiho's Global Efforts in Strategy and Corporate Functions

Taiho Pharmaceutical aims to be an agile specialty pharma trusted around the world.In January 2016.a Global Chief Corporate Officer (GCCO) and a Global Chief Medical Officer (GCMO) were appointed to lead the global headquarters effort in corporate functions and portfolio, products and development strategies, respectively. Office under the GCCO and the GCMO are situated at the Tokyo head office.

Taiho Pharmaceutical lnvests US$ 30 Million in Remiges BioPharma Fund, LP to Foster Early Biotech Start-ups

In 2014, Taiho invested in the Remiges BioPharma Fund, LP, an open innovation fund managed by Remiges Ventures, which is located in Boston and Tokyo. The GCMO Office members are part of the Fund's US-Japan cross border team. By tapping into the biotech start-up community in the U.S. and Europe.Where the latest technical expertise converges, we will be able to access innovative technologies. By becoming a part of the Remiges team. Taiho aims to increase the acumen of its human resources, thus strengthening its drug discovery capabilities.


In 2002, Taiho Pharmaceutical established Taiho Pharma U.S.A., Inc (now Taiho Oncology, inc.) to serve as its global development base. During the development of LONSURF, the company made the transition to a fully integrated clinical development and commercial entity. In 2015, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved LONSURF for the treatment of refractory metastatic colorectal cancer. The same year. Taiho Oncology began marketing of the product. LONSURF was the first Taiho product to obtain approval in the United States.


In 2009, Taiho Pharmaceutical established Taiho Pharma Europe, Ltd, to serve as its drug development center in Europe. Teysuno (called TS-1 in Japan) was approved in 2011 in Europe as a treatment for advanced gastric cancer. As of March 2016, Teysuno is available in 19 European countries through Nordic Group BV, the company's Netherlands-based partner. In February 2015, Taiho submitted a marketing authorization application for LONSURF with the European Medicines Agency (EMA). In June 2015, Taiho entered into a license agreement with Servier (France) for development and commercialization of LONSURF in Europe and other regions (excluding North America and Asia). In February 2016, the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) of the EMA adopted a positive opinion on LONSURF. As of March 2016, the drug is under review by the European Commission.
Going forward. Taiho aims to contribute to the treatment of cancer patients in Europe and other countries through its partnership with Servier.


In 2008, Taiho Pharmaceutical established Taiho Pharmaceutical of Beijing Co., Ltd., to serve as its development and marketing base in China, and in 2011 it established Taiho Pharma of Singapore Pte. Ltd. as a development and marketing base in Southeast Asia.
As of March 2016, TS-1 (known as TS-ONE and other product names locally) is being marketed in eight Asian countries and regions, while UFT and Futraful are both being marketed in two countries and regions either by Taiho or through a business partner.

New Global Leaders Training Program Planned for 2016

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In July 2016, Taiho Pharmaceutical will be launching Global One Academy, a corporate university which will be focusing on corporate culture, philosophy and history, while also recognizing the importance of training students to become leaders with global perspective, creativity and a spirit that embraces challenges.


Taiho Pharmaceutical created the TAIHO ONCOLOGY brand to leverage its Japanese reputation worldwide, seeking to increase its global market recognition as a leader in the field of oncology. The company is promoting the brand at academic conferences, pursuing open innovation based on cooperation with farsighted medical professionals and researchers. The TAIHO ONCOLOGY brand stands for the determination to create cancer treatments that will more quickly and more definitely become global standards, for the benefit of patients worldwide.

  • Challenging cancer is our legacy.