Aiming to become an agile specialty pharma trusted around the world

Since the start of the new millennium, Taiho Pharmaceutical has been pursuing global R&D while building its own sales structure in the U.S. and expanding its sales network in other countries. In recent years, the company has established two corporate venture capital firms to expand its development pipeline and promote the creation and utilization of innovation. Going forward, Taiho Pharmaceutical will continue to make every effort to increase its global reach, seeking to bring smiles to the faces of people around the world.

  • Global Specialty Pharma
  • Research & Development
    Taiho is expanding its pipeline and strengthening its ties with medical and research institutions worldwide in an effort to accelerate drug discovery and development and increase its global presence.
  • Marketing
    Taiho aims to contribute to medical care worldwide by providing innovative new drugs and high-quality information via its global network in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.
  • Production
    Taiho’s production system supplies the world market with safe, high-quality pharmaceuticals that are manufactured to stringent international standards, including those of the U.S. and Europe.


Optimizing Operation of the Taiho Group Worldwide

Aiming to become an agile specialty pharma trusted around the world
Taking a bird’s-eye view of national, regional, and functional differences to refine global operations overall, the Tokyo head office optimizes corporate functions for the entire Taiho Group in and outside Japan and plans portfolio strategy from a global perspective.


In 2002, Taiho Pharmaceutical established Taiho Pharma U.S.A., Inc. (now Taiho Oncology, Inc.) in Princeton, New Jersey in the U.S. Its select team of professionals works together with medical professionals and organizations in the U.S. and Europe, while cooperating with Taiho Pharmaceutical staff in Japan, to advance the global development of new drugs that can contribute to the treatment of cancer.
LONSURF became Taiho Pharmaceutical’s first product in North America when the U.S. FDA approved it in 2015. Taiho Oncology, Inc. has been marketing the drug since that time.


In 2016, the corporate venture capital company, Taiho Ventures, LLC, was established in California in the U.S. for the purpose of biotechnology investment.
The new company invests in promising biotechnology ventures around the world that are engaged in innovative new drug R&D as well as cutting-edge drug-enabling platform technologies, mainly in the oncology field. It also takes advantage of the resources Taiho Pharmaceutical has cultivated as a pioneer of oral anticancer drugs on behalf of its portfolio companies.
Through Taiho Ventures, LLC, Taiho Pharmaceutical searches for partnering opportunities with promising venture companies in order to enhance its development pipeline and acquire innovative drug discovery technologies.


In 2016, Taiho Pharma Canada, Inc. was established as a new harmaceutical business base in that country. In 2018, Health Canada, the Canadian health authority, approved LONSURF. Taiho Pharma Canada, Inc. has been marketing the drug since that time.

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In 2009, Taiho Pharmaceutical established Taiho Pharma Europe, Ltd. to serve as its drug development center in Europe. Working closely with the professional R&D teams in Japan and the U.S., Taiho Pharma Europe, Ltd. provides direct management of research and development programs and regulatory affairs support toward obtaining marketing approval of anticancer drugs in the European markets.
In Europe, Teysuno (called TS-1 in Japan), which was approved in 2011 as a treatment for advanced gastric cancer, is sold through Nordic Group BV, the company’s Netherlands-based partner. In 2015, Taiho Pharmaceutical entered into a license agreement with Servier (France) for co-development and commercialization of LONSURF, a treatment for metastatic colorectal cancer, in Europe and other regions (excluding North America and Asia). After receiving approval for the drug from the European Commission in 2016, sales have been expanded in countries there through Servier.


In 2011, Taiho Pharmaceutical established Taiho Pharma Singapore Pte. Ltd. (now TAIHO PHARMA ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD.) as a development and marketing base in Southeast Asia. The new company is marketing the anticancer agents TS-1 (known as TS-ONE locally), LONSURF, UFT and Futraful either independently or through business partners.
Sticking with its philosophy, “by local, for local,” TAIHO PHARMA ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD. covers a wide range of jobs such as regulatory affairs, medical affairs and sales of anticancer drugs as a hub for Taiho’s oncology business in Southeast Asia in close touch with local medical oncologists and the other medical professionals in cancer care.


In 2008, Taiho Pharmaceutical established the Chinese subsidiary, Taiho Pharmaceutical of Beijing Co., Ltd., to serve the development and marketing function in China. The new company obtains approval from authorities in China on anticancer agents researched and developed by Taiho Pharmaceutical and provides product information to Chinese oncologists.
In 2009, the company launched TS-1 as its first product and is currently developing its business.


In 1992, Taiho Pharmaceutical established Okayama Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Bizen, Okayama Prefecture, Japan. The company works on planning and development
of topical products to meet people’s needs and on improving manufacturing technology. In order to contribute to the creation of societies where anyone can receive anticancer drug treatment with peace of mind, Okayama Taiho Pharmaceutical entered the authorized generics (AG*) business in 2017 and is now manufacturing and selling AG
of UZEL and TS-1. Furthermore, as part of its contract manufacturing service, the company has been manufacturing the 100mL Tiovita drink series since January 2020. *Authorized generics: Generic drugs for which the use of patents, etc. has been authorized by the original manufacturer


In 2019, Taiho Pharmaceutical established Taiho Innovations Co., Ltd. as a corporate venture capital firm that invests in Japanese start-ups in the healthcare field. A feature of Taiho Innovations is that in addition to making start-up investments in the medical and consumer healthcare fields, it also conducts hands-on incubation investments* from the early stages before a business is started. Meanwhile, it looks to actively expand company assets into other areas to drive innovation through open innovation unbound by existing frameworks.
*Incubation investment: Investment to support business creation and start-up establishment

Global One Academy—a Global Leadership Program—Established

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In July 2016, Taiho Pharmaceutical established Global One Academy as the Taiho Group’s corporate university to develop global leaders who can demonstrate change leadership and solve management issues. The academy seeks to develop the next generation of company leadership. Participants go through a rigorous selection process to be admitted. They learn the basic skills essential for the leaders of the future, including rational approaches to task-setting and problem-solving, communication skills, and more. The participants are already implementing these skills in their everyday work.


Taiho Pharmaceutical created the TAIHO ONCOLOGY brand to leverage its Japanese reputation worldwide, seeking to increase its global market recognition as a leader in the field of oncology. The company is promoting the brand at academic conferences, pursuing open innovation based on cooperation with farsighted medical professionals and researchers. The TAIHO ONCOLOGY brand stands for the determination to create cancer treatments that will more quickly and more definitely become global standards, for the benefit of patients worldwide.

  • Challenging cancer is our legacy.