Corporate Philosophy

  • We strive to improve human health and contribute to a society enriched by smiles

Supporting the courage and strength of patients, their families, and healthcare professionals through innovative new drugs

Patients and their families setting their hopes on medicines to overcome illness; healthcare professionals seeking the best treatments for their patients̶we stand with these people fighting disease, hoping to give them strength and courage.

Environmental Policy

In line with the Otsuka Group Environmental Policy, Taiho Pharmaceutical will make active and continuous efforts to protect the global environment and reduce environmental impact in all of its business operations, from R&D to production, distribution, marketing, and disposal.

Health Pledge

In order to realize this corporate philosophy, I pledge to further enhance workplace environments across our entire organization so that employees can work with even more freedom and energy. We will do this by supporting the physical and mental health of all employees.

February 2017
Masayuki Kobayashi
President and Representative Director