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Exploring hidden possibilities for people awaiting new medicines

New drug discovery starts with screening of a huge number of candidate compounds. Selected compounds need to pass extensive clinical trials to prove efficacy and safety, before finally reaching patients. It takes many years and depends on the collaborative efforts of many people. Taiho Pharmaceutical leverages the trust it has built with key opinion leaders to continually improve the quality and speed of its new drug research.


Building on its flagship anticancer agent, TS-1, for which it has established evidence for various kinds of cancers, especially gastric cancer, Taiho Pharmaceutical has been conducting research and development into drugs of new categories based on its accumulated findings and knowhow, including the discovery of Lonsurf, which has a novel mechanism of action. Progress continues in the development of anticancer agents that inhibit enzymes involved in cancer proliferation and survival, angiogenesis, and drug resistance, as well as anticancer agents that target cancer cell-specific metabolism, in order to contribute to diversifying cancer treatments.

Allergy / Immunology

Leveraging the experience and technology cultivated during the development of Th2 cytokine production inhibitor IPD, Taiho Pharmaceutical continually pursues drugs with novel mechanisms of action that are applicable to rare diseases as well as refractory diseases such as autoimmune diseases that have high medical needs.


Leveraging the wealth of findings and experience gained from BUP-4, which improves symptoms of urinary incontinence and frequent urination, Taiho Pharmaceutical has elucidated the pathology in many kinds of urinary incontinence and disorders of micturition. Taking advantage of this experience, Taiho is exploring new types of drugs for unmet medical needs.

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