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June 01, 2022
Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Taiho Pharmaceutical to Donate a Total of 4.17 Million Yen to Three Projects Addressing Issues in the Field of Oncology "The First Taiho Smile Support"

Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. announced today that it will donate a total of 4.17 million yen in matching gift to three projects for the first Taiho Smile Support, a program to support organizations and individuals working to solve social issues in the field of oncology.

Taiho Pharmaceutical planned the first Taiho Smile Support to contribute to Goal 3 of the SDGs: “Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.” It then called for projects to address various issues surrounding cancer. Three projects were selected from among the many applications, and all three applicants succeeded in crowdfunding their goal amounts. Taiho Pharmaceutical’s donation, totaling 4.17 million yen, represents 50% of the total funds needed to implement the three projects. Each project will be gradually implemented.


Organization Name

Project Name


Children’s Hospice Project

Play with Us! We want to create Japan’s first gaming room at a children’s hospice where teenage cancer patients can really have fun!


Family House

We want everyone to read the picture book Beneath the Tree of Kindness: Me, My Illness and the Family House again!


Yokohama Children’s Hospice Project

Yokohama Children’s Hospice
UMI TO SORA NO OUCHI (a home of sea and sky): "Connecting Through Green" Project

Through this program, Taiho Pharmaceutical aims to support the dreams of organizations and individuals who are working to address challenges in the field of oncology. In partnership with these organizations, individuals, and all of the people who support them via crowdfunding, Taiho Pharmaceutical seeks to create a world where the precious moments of everyday life keep flowing for people with cancer and their families.

Taiho Smile Support is an initiative to support organizations and individuals seeking to solve various social issues in the field of oncology that cannot be solved by drugs alone. Taiho Pharmaceutical called for organizations and individuals who plan to use crowdfunding to raise funds to address these social issues. The selected organizations and individuals each conducted a crowdfunding campaign and reached their funding target.* They will each receive from Taiho Pharmaceutical, in the form of a donation, matching funds equal to the target they have raised.

* The crowdfunding target (not including the crowdfunding fee) is to be 50% of all funds needed to carry out the project. If the target is met, Taiho Pharmaceutical will provide the remaining 50%. Thus, the success of the crowdfunding campaign will determine whether or not Taiho Pharmaceutical will provide support.

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  • Taiho Pharmaceutical to Donate a Total of 4.17 Million Yen to Three Projects Addressing Issues in the Field of Oncology "The First Taiho Smile Support"