Ethical Drug Sales & Marketing

Contributing to optimal treatment for each and every patient through superior information provision in support of team-based medical care

In recent years, medical care in Japan has become more complex and sophisticated due to the increasing age of patients, peopleʼs pursuit of quality of life, the introduction of health economics concepts, and advances in medical technology and pharmaceuticals. Currently, team-based medical care is the leading practice in medical settings for providing total, patient-centered treatment support in which medical staff members respect each otherʼs occupations and exercise full professionalism.

Taiho Pharmaceutical is striving to launch pharmaceuticals that provide total support for cancer treatment. It does this by focusing on alleviation of the pain of cancer and side effects caused by anticancer drugs such as nausea and vomiting in addition to proposing combination therapies of anticancer agents and other drugs in order to rapidly respond to medical needs. Taihoʼs medical representatives (MRs) stand on the frontlines of medical care, analyzing and studying collected data and suggesting appropriate treatments while maintaining close cooperation with many medical care professionals.

Particularly in the field of oncology, treatment algorithms are becoming more complex by each organ, creating a need for the ability to deal with many different specialties including surgery, medical oncology, internal medicine, and palliative care. Taiho Pharmaceutical deploys MRs who are trained and have a high level of specialized knowledge, given the need to provide superior information as a pharmaceutical manufacturer, and has developed a companywide support system to contribute to patient-centered, team-based medical care.

Maximizing product value in the global market

In order to bring Taiho products to patients worldwide, Taihoʼs marketing team plays a vital role in maximizing product value by carrying out product lifecycle management with the cooperation of relevant divisions in Japan and Group companies outside Japan, as well as partners. Brand managers are assigned for each product, and they lead strategic planning, sales planning, promotion, and validation of leading products in Japan, while also supporting marketing activities. Brand managers also make recommendations on new drug development plans from phase II onward from the perspective of maximizing product value. Strong teamwork and partnership with overseas subsidiaries and partner companies are essential in providing Taiho products globally. This is why the Division has established a strong cooperative structure to implement product strategies including sharing and proposal of product strategies and supporting establishment of the strategies.

The Division also plans and holds scientific seminars and prepare product information tools such as brochures and web pages to deliver information on proper use and safety in a scientific and fair manner.