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¥139.3 billion (2022)

No. of Employees

2,170 (as of December 31,2022)

Oncology Products

71.3 % of Sales (2022)

2 Business Segments

Ethical Drug Business
Consumer Healthcare Business

R&D Expenses to Net Sales

41.4 % (2022)

Note: R&D expenses to net sales stood at 29.4% for 2021. The figure was exceptionally high for 2022 due to a temporary increase in R&D expenses resulting from intellectual property (IP) acquisition.

Sales of Tiovita Drink Series

Approx. 140 Million Bottles/Year (2022)
Origin of the Company Name “Taiho”
The name “Taiho” is derived from a mythical giant bird called Dapeng, which appears in “A Happy Excursion,” a Taoist classic written by the ancient Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi. “Taiho” is the Japanese pronunciation of Dapeng, a bird said to travel about 12,000 km with a single flap of its wings. Also, at the time of the company’s establishment, Japanese sumo wrestling Grand Champion (YOKOZUNA) Taiho was in his heyday. The company was named Taiho Pharmaceutical to evoke both these images of greatness and success.
About Us

Communication Slogan

Supporting the flow of your life is our work
Our communication slogan is a promise from, and the genuine wish of, each one of us working at Taiho Pharmaceutical.

Health Management

We are committed to company-wide efforts to build a working environment where every employee can work freely and vigorously and enjoy good physical and mental health.

Drug Discovery

We are committed to the development of innovative new drugs, which is how we live up to our slogan: “Today and Every Day.”

Post-Marketing Activities

We strive to maximize product value in the global market and provide patient-oriented information to contribute to optimal treatment for each patient.



19sites in 16countries
(As of June 2023)
4manufacturing sites
1drug discovery research site
(As of June 2023)
Our Business: Research & Development